The Studio Bar-2 Thinking out of the box

19 January 2016, otb

A Studio of a Bar

Housed at the Elements Mall in Bangalore India, Studio Bar 2 sits at a very prime location serving a very hip crowd. Just a little over 7 months Studio Bar 2 has earned its reputation as “place to be” serving a very tasty line of in-house dishes with groovy music, you have to check in to check it out. The management, holding years of experience in running restaurants, clubs, pubs and importantly The Studio Bar-1 at Orion Mall, know exactly what to expect and how to make the best of it.

Customer retention and loyalty programs are always a great way to ensure your customers are engaged and keep them coming back. Keeping this is in mind, it was imperative to ensure this is not just cost effective but makes full business sense. But what could be the best solution to combine these services at an affordable cost?

The Answer

Free WiFi! Yes, Free WiFi is what customers expect, easily available and very cost effective. This is where we come in. Using our very own hotspot WiFi Nexus we are able to work with any internet service provider turning the Free WiFi into a great marketing tool. Tailoring our solution for Studio Bar 2 we were able to

  • Gather detailed customer insights like Name, Gender, Contact info, Social media account etc
  • Customer demographics like gender, age, geographic location and so on
  • Connect customers to social media business pages and keep them posted on upcoming events
  • Contact these customers, to invite them back for birthdays, events and so on.

Connecting to and understanding your customer is key to business success and Studio Bar 2 knows it too well. Our customer success story is our success story and we must say we love this place.

Our Thoughts

Offering our customer engagement service is studio bar is give us so much to learn, the core of every successful business is ethics and the right principals. As a vendor for Studio bar, we have always been treated with respect and integrity and we love it and yes, their pan fried chilly beef…