Serafina. Fine Dine and Free WiFi

23 December 2015, otb

The Brand

One of our most valued clients and our favorite venues of all time. The ambiance and the interiors of this place is no less than a posh hotel. A quiet evening dinner or an afternoon drink, Serafina is always that chosen place. One of New York’s finest Italian restaurants finds its home in Bengaluru, India. The menu at his restaurant is so carefully planned you will be amazed at what the food can do to your pallet.

Our Features to compliment the brand

As a new restaurant in the city, Serafina identified the requirement of engaging their customers to their brand, this led to multiple trial & errors and attempts to identify vendors to manage this requirement. Being open minded and fore thought the management knew it would take more than just social media marketing and deals of the day to achieve this, it would take a customer centric approach. Our meeting with Serafina was one of the most interesting meetings we have had this far. We knew instantly that this brand had a very strong “Customer First” attitude. Apart from what features we agreed to offer, our product and service was easily understood and accepted almost right away.

Already offering free WiFi to their customers, it was very easy to integrate our hotspot at this venue.

We successfully collaborated to achieved:

  • Easy and affordable way to engage customers to the brand
  • Bring new customers through their existing customer base
  • Know exactly what their customers want and cater to their needs and so much more…

Our Thoughts

A little over 6 months now, Serafina has been and will always be a pleasure to work with. They say it makes life easy when your customers know exactly what they want. In this case we must say, our client knows exactly what they want and how they want it, it is this quality that enables them to stay on top of the market and we intend to walk with them throughout this journey.

Excellent food and free WiFi, what more could one ask for!