Guest Management Solution for The Event Management Industry

14 March 2017, otb

OTB Launches a guest management solution for the event management industry. Built carefully to add value to all your events and solve some of your major problems.

How does it work and what problems does this solve?

The success of an event is mostly attributed to its guests and attendees. One of the biggest problems event managers have is collecting guest information digitally and offering their clients the opportunity to be able to connect with them after the event. 

With our OTB Social router branded and customized to your business name and logo, you offer this service to your clients as your own. Simply plug in our router to an existing WiFi connection at the event and let your guests use your Free WiFi. Upon doing so, our system collects a bunch of information such as Names, Age, Gender, Contact Info, Social Media Profiles and so on. While you can download this information onto a spreadsheet to hand it over to your clients at the end of the event, you can now also go back to your client and present a stunning list of reports from user guest analytics to demographics of the actual attendees.

You decide how much you’d like to charge your client and how, by the hour, by day or a standard cost for service.

Here’s a step by step guide to how it works

  1. You purchase the OTB Social Router and we will ship to you within 10 business days
    1. Router costs are based on the average size of your events, larger the guests bigger the router.
    2. You pay the standard market price of the router and no extra charges or hidden fee. (We make no profits on the sale of the router)
  2. We set you up on the system and you receive your own login details to your personalized portal
  3. Our customer success team will ensure you are fully trained on how to use the system and will also help you make the best of each event. We are always here to help
  4. You decide how much you’d like to charge your clients, while we only charge you $25 per hour.
    1. You don’t pay us for the hours you don’t use the router.

What do you get?

  1. Loaded features like analytics and demographics
  2. Secured WiFi so your guests do not misuse the Free WiFi your clients provide them
  3. Your own router and portal branded with your logo and business color themes
  4. A technology team to back you up so you can tell your clients your tech team is based in Toronto and India
  5. The ability to run campaigns for your clients if they need to reach their guests with more information post the event. Charge your clients extra for this feature. You only pay us for the number of SMS or emails sent.
  6. The ability to co-brand your events with other organizations. Your guests will be able to see your logo or your sponsor’s logo during their login journey for which you can charge extra.
  7. A dedicated customer success individual to help you with all your events and branding
  8. Content, marketing documents, and images to add to your website that will strengthen your brand
  9. Easy and secure online payment process
  10. All of this at just $25 an hour

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