Gilly’s Resto-bar Goes Social

23 December 2015, otb

Our Customer:

Gilly’s Resto-bar is one of the most sort after places in Bangalore, India. A relaxing drink after a busy day or a weekend party with your friends, Gilly’s is the place you want to be at. From stand-up comedians to flourishing new bands Gilly’s is a platform for performers and performances. They never fail to entertain you.

Gilly’s decided to offer Free Wi-Fi to their customers realising the benefits. However this also posed potential problems and costs that may or may not be earned back. OTB offered a solution that excited the restaurant owners.

The Solution:

Working with their existing WiFi provider our hotspot was able to achieve:

  • Safe and secure internet to visitors
  • Saving bandwidth by allotting desired quota of bandwidth to visitors, thereby saving costs
  • And documenting user info and timestamp to be in compliant with the Indian Telecom Act
  • And much much more…

It’s been over a year now and OTB has been successfully offering customer Engagement through our Hotspot Guest login solution. Today, Gilly’s know exactly who their customers are and how many times they visit, above all, customer demographics and real time presence analytics.

Our Thoughts:

After a year of working with Gilly’s we look forward to a number years more to come, A great business relationship thus far and years forward. Oh and yeah, if you’re ever at Gilly’s do remember to try the Triple Choco Mousse we love it…