Chef Baker’s Joins the WiFi Club

19 January 2016, otb

A cake of a customer

A treat to the eyes, a celebration to the pallet, as the name suggests chef baker’s bake you the finest pastries in town. The taste lingers on….keeping you simply craving for more. With over 12 outlets spreads across south India, Chef Baker’s are doing everything they can to keep customers happy.

Bringing Customers Closer

With a decision to revamp their whole approach to being customer centric, Chef Bakers did everything from launching a new line of beverage, re-designing their websites and attempting to understand their customers better. “Our customers are out there telling us what they want, we want to be able to listen” is exactly what their Managing Director said. This posed a possible requirement of turning to technology to help bridge this gap. Through our guest WiFi login solution we offered a unique and exciting way to achieve this. Today, with our client’s free WiFi combined with our guest login solutions we were easily able to gather.

  • Unique visitors reports
  • Number of times each guest has visited their venue and if they are visiting other chef bakers venues too
  • Their customers interests and likes and more

With this information our client is now easily able to tweak, change and add to their existing menu, understand where a new outlet could possibly be launched and importantly listen to what their customers are saying.

Our Thoughts

Every time we walked in for a meeting we were offered one of their awesome pastries, that explains the core of service that comes easily to this brand. A group of fun loving people dedicated to their work and customers, our journey with chef bakers will continue to be refreshing and we look forward to years of great business relationship.