Café D’ Lake, Minerva Café, M Banquet & Blue Fox now offer clean WiFi to their Guests

17 February 2016, otb

The Brand

A successful brand knows exactly what it takes to make it. Apart from marketing and day to day operations, it takes planning, strategizing and perfect timing to make these brands a success that they are. Our client Café D’Lake owns multiple chains of restaurants and knows only too well that customer success is primary to business success.

Being customer centric, the management group decided to invest in technology to take this up a notch. As a brand, what they wanted was very clear and precise. Understanding who their customers are not just from an outlet perspective but also from an overall brand perspective was important. That meant having the opportunity to cross invite customers to all of their other venues across the city.

The Idea

Free WiFi, most cafés offer free WiFi to their guests, no big deal, but can we really turn this resource to a potential solution? Well, why not! We have the technology and we know how to work it. Turning all their existing Free WiFi into a customer engagement tool was simple. Our plug and play router did exactly that. However what we were able to achieve was far more interesting and unique.

  • Gathering customer demographics from all of their restaurants
  • Allow customers to use WiFi at any of their restaurants regardless of where they first log in
  • Understand how many times each of these customers moved from one restaurant to another and how long they spent at each venue
  • Invite customers to any of their restaurants from one single database collected on a portal assigned to the brand and more.

These we must say, have only made our client a lot happy. Enjoying the benefits that online business have had until today, the brand now has visibility on how each of their venues is performing every day even every hour.

Our Thoughts

Being one of the most reputed brands in Hyderabad, India this group is a pleasure to work with. I have always believed, when clients know exactly what they want, it makes selling a whole lot easier. We at OTB believe the future here is strong and now, their Free WiFi signal too.