Accessing New Markets Through Partnerships and Reseller Engagement

11 March 2016, Mohammed Fahim

As businesses become more and more competitive, business owners should think of new ways of bringing in more customers to their venues. Free WiFi is certainly one way of doing it. Most cafés, restaurants and similar businesses offer free WiFi today; on the other hand, customers expect free WiFi wherever they go. It’s a win-win solution both for the customers and the business.

Free WiFi Everywhere

It is clear, free Wi-Fi is a great way to attract customers because of its rising demand. Every day more and more customers gather at hotels, cafes that offer free WiFi. Research show:

  1. About 96% of customers prefer locations with free Wi-Fi and would keep returning to stores that offer it
  2. Over 50% of customers spent more money after free Wi-Fi was offered in surveyed businesses.
  3. OnDeviceResearch gathered that 74% of their respondents would like retailers to text or email promotions while they are using in-store Wi-Fi.

Businesses need to recognize this new trend of customer demand, and those that cater to it benefit exponentially, as do their customers.

The potential of “customer retention” through free WiFi is a huge opportunity. At OTB we intend to deliver excellent features through our social hotspot. Clients who use our hotspot are not only able to get awesome visitor reports and analytics, they are also able to harness this information to increase sales quite effectively. Through our social hotspot, we allow venues to manage the bandwidth they want to provide to their customers, offer clean and family-friendly WiFi with content filtering and more. Our router is easy to set up and works with any Internet connection so you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your Internet provider. With these features built into your free WiFi, you are now sure to keep your customers coming back.

We’re Going Places; For now, it’s “Hello, Canada.”

OTB has decided to spread its wings. In fact, we are aiming to enter a new market Toronto, Canada the city of opportunities – or so we’d like to believe. As a result, we are now in talks with customer loyalty companies within Toronto to sign mutual partnership agreements.We also provide reseller opportunities for individuals and small business who might find interests in the solutions we offer. We look forward to delivering an amazing service in Canada.

So What Makes us Different?

Apart from delivering an awesome service, our greater objective is to soon become the first choice of “Marketing Platform” for our clients within the industries we serve. When restaurants and business offer free WiFi to their customers, it will be our job to turn that free WiFi into a profitable return on investment. As a result, businesses will now be able to know their customers by name, get outstanding demographics, tap into the incredible opportunity of word of mouth marketing and more.

We at OTB are really excited and looking forward to this incredible ride and can’t wait to get started.

Do check our resell page for more information.

Mohammed Fahim         Co-Founder & Director